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Splinter Cell Level Cheat

  • Black Arrow in game music in Splinter Cell

  • On the first level (The Lighthouse), you can hear the orchestral music from the Hotel level of Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow in one of the tents. It is the tent with the guard inside.Cameras In The Dark

  • Cameras that do not use thermographic vision can be be fooled by shooting out all the ambient and direct light sources to darken the area. As long as the light meter is completely dark, these normal cameras cannot see your spy.Choke Hold To Carry

  • Hold the Left Trigger while grabbing an enemy to choke hold him, then immediately put his body on your spy's shoulder for a fireman's carry.Disco Lights in Factory

  • As a spy go in the main hall and go towards the computer hack that has the lasers covering it. Climb up the nearby ladder to get to the top floor and there should be a box close by. Jump on the rail and if you look real close there is a steel pipe that is next to the rail. Jump on it and climb to the top and you have just activated the disco lights. Jump down and head to the main corridor that connects all 3 rooms and there are disco lights, confetti, and corny music playing.Displace International Milan Nedich Objective

  • Laser mic and record (by zooming in with the EEV) the conversation on the third floor when a merc is assigned to the penthouse by an executive (the room is first one on your right when you get off the elevators on the third floor). Aim the EEV (binoculars) at the glass. This is the only way to get credit for listening to the conversation.Dvorak's Output

  • Speak to the old man multiple times until the conversation clears and he walks to the area with two of the five tubes. With only three tubes to watch over, Fisher can hit the switch on the tubes as the lights above each tube go from green to orange. Hit the switch before they turn red and overheat to get past this part.Find mines easily

  • In order to find mines in the camp mission, turn on the thermal vision. Submitted by MORSN417Glitch: Invincibility in co-op:

  • To make yourself invincible in co op mode (lasts just for the level), use the following trick. Have a friend to hack any door/computer etc. that is near a medkit. Then, shoot a a sticky shocker at your friend (friendly fire must be on). Your friend should fall on the ground. The person that is fainted must not get revived by his or her friend. The person who is dead, if close enough, should see an action that reads "Use Medkit". Select that option, and that person will be invincible and invisible. Note: This most likely will glitch if you do specific things, such as standing behind a door while someone kicks it down. Note: You also may want to reload your gun beforehand, as while invincible you cannot reload. However you can still use melee moves. Note: This is permanent for the level. Once you complete the level or start a new one, it will return to normal. Submitted by oblivionHandcuff Glitch

  • As a merc in vs. mode have Frages and a Cam. Net. First, be by a health box but far enough away where it doesn't say Health. Second, get a Frag out and charge it fully up. Open your inventory (LS) and walk up to the health box (with your inventory opened) until it say Health and then get your Cam. Net. out with the Left Trigger still held, close your inventory and walk away from it. You should have a fully charge Cam. Net. Charge or Beserk a spy. Hit A to get you to get into choke position on the spy. Instead of hitting the A button to kill the spy release the Left Trigger and you will go into the Cam. Net. Hit the B button to get out and hit the A button to Beserk your way to the normal screen and the spy will be trapped holding his hands up to his throut and will be stuck there. The spies can have a chance geting out by a 5% chance. This will only work if Beserk is on to return to normal screen or make you fiend charge you. Most of the time making your partern charge you will work. All glitches and this one will all work on the Xbox 360, too. Submitted by BulldozerHokkaido Milan Nedich Objective

  • Inspect the two SUVs' license plates either remotely (through Fisher's binoculars) or by interacting with them up close. Redding sheds some light on the real Milan Nedich.Keypad Codes

  • Mission 1: LighthouseNo keypad locked doors Mission 2: Cargo ShipNo keypad locked doors Mission 3: BankKeypad to left security booth on first floor: 3624Keypad to right security booth on first floor: 3624Keypad to main security room: 2306Keypad to treasurer's office: 8645Keypad to bank's back door: 3901Keypad before president's office: 3490Keypad to safe in president's office: Code unknown, must be hacked Mission 4: PenthouseKeypad to Dvorak room: 0280 Mission 5: DisplaceKeypad to door between meeting room and lobby on second floor: 8136Keypad to door between meeting room and lobby on first floor: 8136Keypad to CEO's meeting room: 2346Keypad to CEO's office: 2609Keypad to fire escape: 3485Keypad to central server room: Code 2109Keypad to R&D server room: 9205 Mission 6: HokkaidoNo keypad locked doors Mission 7: BatteryKeypad to shipping area: 1879Keypad to elevator: Code unknown, must be hacked Mission 8: SeoulNo keypad locked doors Mission 9: BathhouseKeypad to owner's office: 3650 Mission 10: Kokubo SoshoKeypad To Server Room: 194 Submitted by OblivionKnife To The Back To Carry

  • Click the Right Trigger to engage a knife attack on an enemy from the back, then keep tapping the trigger to bring the corpse into a fireman's carry.Metal Gear Solid

  • Enemies in the Kokubo Sosho's (stage 10) basement have LTL (Less Than Lethal) stunguns. Interrogate any of the guards in the basement about their zapping toy for some amusing comments regarding ammunition. Take that Snake!Minature Glitch

  • Go up on a pole that is also connected to the ceiling and hit Y to get your spy to hang, facing your spies head to the wall. Pull out your Shocker Gun with a sticky cam. and shoot it on the wall, and then shoot the sticky cam. with another sticky cam. Your spy will automatically fall. Put away your gun and will be mini sided spy. To get out of it is to duck twice using the B button. You can do anything but grab behind him (you can still pull him over a rail) and crouch twice. This only works in vs. mode only. Submitted by MartinW.Opportunity Objectives - Bath House

  • Tapping all bathouse phone boxes is a piece of cake in this mission; the hard part is surviving the final section to defuse the bombs. The starting alley where repair guy is working. It's in the corner of the street. The phone box in drained swimming pool. The reception desk past steam baths. Fisher passes by a gun turret before this area. The ISDF orders are on PCs in the barred surveillance room. Get in through the vent in the bathouse owner's office.Opportunity Objectives - Battery

  • Several PCs need hacking to recover repair logs. Fisher can also rig warheads in east and west missile bays to explode as a contingency. Head past the bunker entrance and look for a small clerical area with a shuttered corner office. The DPRK officer inside has his butt occupying the PC Fisher needs. You know what to do. The PC inside the control room above the missile loading bay. This room is past barracks and storeroom; country music may be heard in that room. The PC in the missile tracking room where the base commander executes a technician for gross negligence. It's one of the PCs in the upper level. The PC inside west missile bay control room, right next to the one where the missile abort codes are entered. There are two warheads in the east and west missile bays that can have their wires bypassed. Rig them both and complete this objective.Opportunity Objectives - Cargo Freighter

  • The bonus objectives in the ship are weapons crates Fisher can identify using electromagnetic vision. Inside the first cargo hold where Redding transmits about the weapons crates, but before the transmission regarding the hull leak.After the engine room (with the gas leak) and before climbing the stairs to the ledger office, there is a hall behind the stairs leading to the box.Head past the office with the transit ledgers and go past the sickbay. A box is under the stairs past the aforementioned rooms in the ship exterior.Inside the ship's galley, near the meat locker. This is the deck above the sickbay and ledger office.Under the stairs near the captain's quarters. This is inside the ship.Below the exfiltration point, on the rear deck.Opportunity Objectives - Displace Int'l

  • Uploading Grim's Trace Programs on the Displace servers. Fisher will need to hack into each PC to plant the trace. The operations room (lecture hall) near where Fisher makes his trespass. It's easier to approach it from the bottom (where the bathrooms are) and palm strike the guard in the room. The PC you're looking for is at the top of the lecture hall. Simply hack in and place the tracer while reading all the other info. The exercise room, on the same floor as #1. The room is has a guard running on an exercise bicycle and is adjacent to the one where two guards talk about Prince of Persia. The Displace gun range PC. Actually, it is the PC in small server room on the upper level. That room has a vent leading to the main (primary) server room. The VIP reports are scattered in several PCs throughout the level. You can complete them easily by locating each PC in each room and being methodical. Pay attention to the PCs in the Operations Room, Exercise Room, Gun Range, Server Rooms, and security foyers.Opportunity Objectives - Hokkaido

  • Disable all microphones in residence. Microphones can be found in EM or thermal vision mode, but they are quite scattered all over the place, so be on the look-out for them. The first room with a phone after two guards talk about ninjas. It's behind a wall scroll. Past the ofuro (hot tub) room and kitchen, Fisher overhears two guards talking about bugs. It is in the dining area (remember this is Japan, so don't look for chairs) that overlooks a small garden area with bamboo plants. The kitchen and a bathroom are nearby. The microphone is again behind a wall scroll. In the area where a Buddha statue is. Look for the microphone next to a phone in the bedroom. Note that Milan Nedich's phone conversation can be heard throughout this area (past the large garden), in case you're completely lost. After assassinating Nedich, Fisher drops into the servants' quarters. Look around the room with the big screen television talking about the North American tree slug and cut out the microphone behind the wall scroll. In the servants' quarters, look into one of their rooms (same general area as #4). Behind a wall scroll. Locate the art studio (the room with an easel) past the servants' garden. The microphone is behind a wall scroll.Opportunity Objectives - Lighthouse

  • The bonus objectives in the Lighthouse are weapons crates Fisher can identify using electromagnetic vision. The empty jail cell past the cave with the diesel generator. The tunnel right before Morgenthal's torture chamber, with a diesel generator. Past Morgenthal's torture chamber, there are two tents outside; one of the tents has a box. Below the wooden walkway leading to the laptop referred in Grim's transmission. This small outside area has two guards talking about Lacerda's whereabouts that leads to the cancellation of the Eliminate Lacerda objective. The small room next to the cannons on the rampart.Opportunity Objectives - Penthouse

  • The bonus objectives in the computer geek's penthouse are six thermographic cameras that need to be tapped. Note that Fisher cannot hide from these cameras since they can see in the dark. Use nightvision to detect their cone of vision or fry their systems temporarily using the DCP. Past the half contructed area and the PC with the architectural plans is a small flat rooftop with stairs leading into the rest of the penthouse. Redding will contact Fisher about the cameras here, so the camera in question is rather obvious. In a portico (small yard on the roof) under a trellis (wood beams overhead). This is past the guard listening to some bad rock music in a guest room. In a hallway leading to a busted lift. This hallway is adjacent to the living room and camera #4. In the living room. The tapestries literally shows Fisher the path to take. Bedroom on the second floor. Inside the greenhouse on the second floor.Opportunity Objectives - The Bank

  • The bonus objectives in the bank are eight PCs Fisher needs to hack into to place fake e-mails. Shutdown the PCs you check to keep track of the ones you've investigated. The bank's front reception desk. First floor security room leading to the main vault. Bank officer's office opposite the vault security room described in #2. The large security room on the first floor. The second floor reception, in the area with the laser trapped floor and Grim's tranmission regarding them. The main security office on the second floor. The bank president's office. The main vault.Prince of Persia

  • During Stage 5, while infiltrating Displace International, Sam will come across two guards talking about Prince of Persia Warrior Within. It is the small cafe next to a laser filled hallway, past a keypad locked door. A second way to access the room is through a vent. Because Sam is inside the vent, the conversation becomes difficult to hear.Splinter Cell On TV

  • During the 4th mission The Penthouse, when you get near the spiral staircase, there will be a TV which has Splinter Cell showing.Stick Camera Reuse

  • Sticky cameras may be reused in almost any mode as long as they are not destroyed by gunfire or did not use their gas attack.Stopping The Missile Launch

  • In the final section of the DPRK missile base, Fisher has 3 minutes to stop the missile. From where the missile launches, head right and down into the door to the command center. The abort codes are on the PC to the right of that door. The codes must then be entered in one of the missile command center's PCs, which are the two rooms near the large elevator (lift) leading to the base commander's office on the level above. Assuming you took out all the enemies in that area, the three minutes are more than enough time to abort the missile.Stun Punch To Fireman's Carry

  • While your spy (mainly Fisher) is standing and adjacent behind an enemy, hold the Left Trigger to deliver a non-lethal punch that transitions to the fireman's carry. This move will still cause mission failure if the person is to be kept awake or alive for an objective.Tank Movement

  • The tanks you face in Solo Mode are rather tough but they move in preset patterns. Down the gunner sitting in the turret, then watch the tank's gun. When it aims away, that's your cue to move by or above it. The only way to destroy a tank is to throw a frag grenade into the gunner's hatch. Quicksave to make sure you don't squander your grenades.Ubisoft Programmer Picture on Newspaper

  • In the level Displace International, go all the way to the top floor which has a sole room. In that room is a door that leads to a small closet like area that has nothing in it except for a table with a newspaper on it. Zoom into the newspaper with your goggles to see a picture of some of the programmers and text.Unlock All Levels

  • Enter COOPA22COOl as your profile name.Unlock All Missions

  • In the solo main menu screen enter creat a new profile name as COOPA22COOL, then use the profile and select mission not progress.This well unlock all the missions. Submitted by NeoUnlock Elite Mode

  • Beat story mode and Elite mode is unlocked. In Elite mode you have no ammo for your weapon and only your knife to kill.Whacking North Korean UAVs

  • North Korean UAVs are tough to take down, but they can be avoided. However, if you went with a kit with a sniper attachment, you can take them out with one well placed shot anywhere on the body.var cpmstar_rnd=Math.round(Math.random()*999999);var cpmstar_pid=952;document.writeln("");More Cheats, Tips & Secrets

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Splinter Cell Level Cheat



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