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Girls Are For Loving

It is unknown why the sight of Clay cropping up with a bikini-clad girl causes people to run every which way, screaming and shouting, yet it does. Whitney and Will go at it mano a mano in the swimming pool, Han is probably in there somewhere performing leisurely-paced kung fu, but we are more concerned with Ginger, who is once more proving herself the Queen of the Catfight, tearing off Ronnie's gown and finally tying her down on the very same bondage platform where Ginger herself had earlier been despoiled. The dripping-wet Whitney gets busy with his former captor, and we find that Ronnie has been a very large amount of talk and little walk; the diplomat has her writhing and panting within minutes, because, as Ginger smugly tells her, "Girls are for loving." That said, Ginger retires to the pool house with Clay (that ultra-cool black cat, which must have gone over real well with drive-ins in the deep south). All to the tune of the pseudo-James Bond theme, "Girls Are For Loving" (duh). Soundtrack albums available in the lobby.

Girls Are for Loving

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