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Buy Outlook 365

Hey Ryan, thanks for this article. Did you ever write the blog post on this guide? I am in the scenario Jason describes. I am tired of my regular imap godaddy email not playing nice with outlook and want to transition to an exchange server in hopes it will be more dependable.

buy outlook 365

Hi,I set up the account following your instructions.ThanksBut I have this problem , i am not receiving any mails in my inbox. when i send mails from other accounts to this mail it is bounced.i checked the microsoft support. looks like it is some internal problem and not a settings problem. people are reporting other issues with accounts.Microsoft says they resolved the issue. But doesnt look like so. -us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/my-outlookcom-email-account-is-not-receiving-any/02581144-c02b-4cdc-9132-98a8e0531ab1?msgId=2fd9d76f-6dfa-45bc-9a46-81e11265a7a1&page=1

Hi- I did a setup of with my domain. All seems to be working fine except i am not able to get emails from MS Outlook. If it is possible to access email via MS Outlook app please let me know.

We run a mail server and batch import mail into a sql server database. Would it be viable/possible to switch our mx to and forward all inbound and outbound email to our mail server so that we can still import mail into sql?

Hi, I just created an outlook email admin account with my own domain name. i create 2 users. Will I be able to see the emails sent to the users I created? If so, how do I enable that feature? Thank you Great article by the way. Thanks.

Hi I have a question, I bought my domain name off Godaddy, but I built the site and its being hosted by, I want to use my own domain with outlook so who do I update my mx and txt with godaddy or wix?Hope to hear from you soonPhil

I already have an email account on Google Apps, if I were to move to Outlook, what would happen to emails that I already have in my existing accounts on changing the MX record ? Do I have to transfer my emails from google apps to outlook?

Thanks for your info, i followed your tuts, also as per your comment i get details from Blue Host too. Now i successfully transferred my domain. And all my emails associated to it (functions on work fine. 041b061a72

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