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Sygic GPS Navigation V13.2.6 212

Offline Navigation, Online Experience with TomTom navigation app with GPS. You will stay updated with this GPS app for iPhone. Get customizable maps for countries, regions, and attractions in 150 countries, all updated weekly, for a simpler drive. Online search: Your go-to destinations as well as popular attractions and essential POIs are stored on the app. Once connected, you can search TomTom's catalogue of destinations. Offer limited to one free trial period per user.

Sygic GPS Navigation v13.2.6 212

With detailed routes, turn-by-turn navigation and other driving information, this app makes city navigation easy and efficient. Get route recommendations, plan ahead, view parking costs, traffic delays, construction and more. This app offers transit information for over 1,300 cities across the globe. View offline maps for more than 100 countries, integrates with other sites like Trip Advisor and Wikipedia, and so much more. This free GPS app is a must have.

What we have here is an excellent app for those of you who spend a lot of time on the road or who may be planning a long-distance road trip. You'll be able to record your total mileage in order to monitor your expenses and even claim back the relevant amounts on your tax returns where relevant. This app also doubles up as a very helpful, navigational tool as it helps you to find postal addresses with the use of GPS. Take photos of receipts, sync data across iDevices, mark location points, backup and restore data, support for commercial vehicles, automatically detect movement to begin tracking and many more awesome features. TripLog app review

No wires, no fuss, just get in and drive with your iPhone wirelessly connected to use Apple CarPlay. Listen to your favourite music apps, make and receive calls or messages, and use maps or navigation apps, all at your command via the display or voice control. If you need to charge up then plug in your iPhone via USB.

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