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1920x1200 Potato Wallpaper">

Couch potato Funny desktop wallpaper, TV wallpaper, Man wallpaper, Couch wallpaper, Television wallpaper, Funny wallpaper - Funny no. 22561. Download this Couch potato TV Man Couch Television desktop wallpaper in multiple resolutions for free.

1920x1200 Potato Wallpaper">

This stunning space wallpaper shows the beautiful edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 3190 with tightly wound arms and a warped shape that makes it resemble a gigantic potato crisp, as seen by ESO's Very Large Telescope. Supernova SN 2002bo is found in between the 'V' of the dust lanes in the south-western part of NGC 3190. SN 2002cv is obscured by a large amount of dust and is therefore not visible. Its position is however indicated on the above image 041b061a72

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