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Shrek's Costume Torrent [Extra Quality]

In order to be able to release the update, we needed to fix certain things. And to start fixing things, we needed to review systems that touch on a multitude of parts of the game, including Online, how we build stages, and how we build costumes. Some of these fixes are in this update, such as the new glass fracture and buoyancy system, which not only look substantially better, but also are more optimal (aside from a few bugs we are still working on).

Shrek's Costume torrent

Download Zip:

Something is lurking in the Beef City Aquarium, the Gang Beasts Aquarium Update (build 1.13) will be available tomorrow (Dec 9th, 2020) as a free download for XboxOne, PS4, Windows, macOS, and Steam supported Linux platforms (SteamOS and Ubuntu). The update has a new Aquarium stage, an updated Wheel stage that works online, a series of super hero/villain costume sets, and numerous fixes for stages, online, and gameplay issues.

We plan to make this build available for testing as a Steam beta next month. The 1.13 build will be released for supported platforms (Steam, Humble Bundle, PS4, Xbox One, and Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S) when testing ends. We are also working on new stages and costumes, more information coming soon.

Concurrently with the work on the 1.0.5 build we have also worked to standardise, optimise, and modularise the game structure to support making new content and systems for a series of planned game modes, specifically we have made a full review of the processes and systems for prototyping and testing new costume parts and stage geometry for the game, the work on standardising content and systems was necessary to configure the game for the playset and story game modes, to support more frequent content releases and bug fix patches, and to support other platforms and markets without negatively impacting work on other game modes and game content. We expect to release examples of this work in the next significant content release later this year with a series of updated hazard escalations, stage variations, and new costume sets.

Currently we are working on game content for a series of planned updates, information on specific post-launch content (stages, game modes, costumes, VR support, and other features) will be published in subsequent posts in the coming months as the work and testing on specific post launch content ends.

We are working on minimising the steps and time it takes to configure and start game modes and game sessions, and on exposing more support for game mode customisation, we are also experimenting with a longer window for identifying draw states. We are also working on making character, costume, and gang / team selection less confusing in the game mode configurations screens.

We have been working on exposing more costume customisation parts and the UI and flow of the costume customisation screen, we have also been working to fix physics stability issues and gameplay exploits associated with specific costume parts. We have also exposed an additional four character colours and made multiple passes to improve colour and colour tints (and minimise clashes with the colours for non-character geometry).

Since the last Gang Beasts build was published in July we have been working with Coatsink to migrate the official Gang Beasts servers to a scalable low latency hosting solution, we have also made a series of significant optimisations and modifications to progress the performance and stability of the matchmaking , UI, and character systems. We have been testing potential 0.6.0 builds with Coatsink, Double Fine, and support from a QA team at Babel since the start of September, the matchmaking system, new server architecture, networking scheme, and costume fixes are at a stage where we need to test at scale to identify issues that are difficult to find when testing in the office.

Currently we are working on standardising the optimised UI, localisations for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese (support for other languages is planned), costume fixes, post processing, achievements, a modified implementation of the current camera system (built on Unity Cinemachine procedural camera system), and additional game modes (the 0.6.0 unstable build has the first public implementation of the local gang game mode, the gang mode is not supported online currently).

The 0.5.3 build has numerous bug and stability fixes but we are still working to fix issues with the multiplayer camera, vents glitches, costume exploits and conflicts, inconsistencies with lift forces and concussion times and expect to push these fixes to Steam for testing in coming builds.

Character movement, force parameters, concussion system, and targeting hierarchies have been modified to improve game play and the character customisation system has been exposed for testing, the full list of modifications to the character and character costume systems are:

Currently we're working with Coatsink and SuperGenius to fix some stability issues with character costume parts and part combinations, other work has also been done to optimise the audio system, fix missing SFX, music and other audio, and fix issues with the character system. We have also been working to standardise game menus and in game messaging.

The character costume system has been populated with the 179 costume parts (109 examples are shown in the image) made for the game to date, it is still missing some older costumes that need geometry modifying to make them compatible with the new costume system.

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